How to Make Your Flowers Last Longer

Most people absolutely love receiving flowers and having a beautiful bunch of flowers on display in their home. So much so that some people don’t even wait to receive a gift of flowers, that go out and buy a bunch for themselves. Flowers have a fantastic way of brightening up a home with wonderful colours and scents. 

great flowers

We all know that unfortunately flowers do not last forever. Despite this, there are a few interesting ways that can help make your cut flowers last that little bit longer. Have a read of the tips to making your flowers last longer below:

  1. Hairspray

Think about it, hairspray keeps your hair looking fresh for longer, so why wouldn’t it do the same for your flowers?! A little spray of hairspray can certainly help your flowers look fresher for longer. Make sure you stand at least one metre away from the flowers and only give them a short spray on the underneath of the petals and any leaves.

  1. Alcohol

To keep your flowers lasting longer you will need to minimise the growth and presence of bacteria as well as give the flowers the same level of nourishment they would have received if they were never cut. To prevent as much bacteria as possible, you should add a couple of drops of any clear spirit (i.e. vodka) to the water, along with a teaspoon of sugar. You should change the water every second day and replace the alcohol and sugar.

  1. Soft Drink

Adding about a ¼ of a cup of soft drink to the water in another great way to make your cut flowers last longer. Soft drink contains sugar that will help the flowers last longer. Any soft drink is fine, but if you have a clear vase you should probably go for a clear sofa drink (i.e. lemonade).

  1. Aspirin

This is probably the method that a lot of people know about! Before adding your flowers to the water you can crush up an aspirin. Here it is important to remember to change the water every couple of days.