The Power of Giving Flowers

A recent study conducted at Rutgers University has found that those who send flowers as a gift are perceived as caring and successful. So if you needed another reason to buy a bunch of flowers for your loved one, here it is!

Each day millions of gifts are exchanged around the world by those who want to make someone’s day or for a special occasion. But one gift in particular can potentially mean a lot more than others. This is the gift of flowers!

Every gift you pick for your loved one conveys a message that says a lot about the individual and their feelings towards the other who is receiving the gift. It has been found that those who give the gift of flowers (in comparison to different gifts) are thought to be more caring and successful as well as holding a higher level of emotional intelligence.

As well as this, givers of flowers are perceived to be strong, capable and happy as well as courageous. They send out the message that they can properly express the own feelings and they can understand the feelings of others.

Flowers make such a beautiful gift they can be used in many different situations; birthday, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, etc. Giving flowers can be important in many ways to show love, care and affection. From the birth of a child to courting a potential partner, giving flowers is one of the best was to truly show that you care.

When an individual receives flowers there are instantly feelings of happiness and delight. Flowers certainly have the potential to make someone’s day. These positive feelings are said to last for days. Farm fresh flowers can last even longer, extending the presence of the flowers in the home or office, etc.


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