Why Are Red Roses So Popular?

It is safe to say that red roses have truly been popular for many centuries. Red roses have been engraved in our history and can be found in art such as classical paintings and poetry, as well as in modern time media and music. Flowers, especially the red rose have been a symbol for fertility, love, romance and marriage for centuries. The central meaning of the red rose has never really changed over the centuries and it has been a source for joy and expressing our truest feelings.

If you look deeper than the red rose symbol of romance and love you can see passion and desire. In Greek and Roman mythology the red rose was linked to the goddess of love. Therefore many then associated the deeper meanings of passion and desire with the red rose.

The exchanging of flowers and especially the red rose has certainly become a tradition and it shows signs of affection, love, friendship, etc. On occasions such as Valentine’s Day, birthdays and even weddings, the red rose has naturally stolen the spotlight from all other flowers.

The love and admiration of the red rose has never died over the centuries and to this day many still use the red rose as a gift to the ones they love. It is certainly the flower of choice by individuals all across the world.

The gift of red roses certainly means more than just a bunch of flowers; it conveys a meaningful sentiment that can be given in any situation. The red roses are known as the classical flower and it is always a synonym for love.


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So whatever the occasion may be, for a gift or a celebration of love, the best and easiest way to express your feelings is with red roses. The simple gesture of giving red roses could make the world of difference in someone’s day. It doesn’t even have to be an entire bunch of red roses; even just a simple single red rose can evoke emotion and create a memory that is not likely to be forgotten.


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