Nothing says Happy Birthday like Flowers!

When someone close to you has a birthday, it can be hard to decide what to give them. You could give them something practical, but that doesn’t feel personal enough. How about a specially chosen and arranged set of flowers from Xoxo Roses?


Happy Birthday Flowers


If you want to say Happy Birthday with flowers, Xoxo Roses has everything you need! Our range includes flowers suitable to give anyone, from bright gerberas to give to friends to roses for more intimate relationships. No matter whose birthday it is, Xoxo Roses has the flowers for you!

Our gerberas are great for brightening up any room, with loud colours like yellow and orange (or both mixed together) great for hallways and living areas, while more delicate pinks and whites are perfect for adding some freshness and colour to bedrooms.

Of course, Xoxo Roses stocks plenty of options for roses as well! When your significant other has a birthday, roses are the classic romantic gift. If you’re cooking that someone special a romantic Happy Birthday dinner, red roses on the table are the perfect touch!

We stock red, white and pink roses, and sell them in boxes of seven or eight. We also sell boxes of red or pink roses surrounding a single white rose to give a more visually striking effect, although we will endeavour to arrange your flowers in whatever way you request.

Our flowers are all freshly picked and specially arranged by our trained experts to give the best visual effect. Our flowers also all come with flower food in the box, so that they look and smell fresher for longer!


happy birthday flowers


We offer delivery to anywhere around Sydney’s inner suburbs, so you can have our flowers delivered along with a happy birthday message! If you’d rather give the gift yourself, we can deliver the flowers to you or even to your workplace, so that you can go and see the lucky recipient with the flowers straight after work!

So if you’re around Sydney city and want to send happy birthday flowers, Xoxo Roses are the people to call! Whether they’re to a friend, a family member or your partner, Xoxo Roses can meet all your birthday flower needs! Just call 1300 407 321 and we will bring the perfect flowers to you!