Get Flowers Delivered on the Same Day you Order!

At Xoxo Roses we know that sometimes you just want to spontaneously let someone know that you love them. We want to help! If you call Xoxo Roses on 1300 407 321 we offer you same day flower delivery in Sydney!


same day flower delivery sydney


Whether they’re for your mum, your partner or just as a gift, sometimes you need flowers fast. You can have freshly cut delicately arranged flowers delivered to your workplace on the day you order, so that you can go straight home and surprise someone special!

All of our flowers are freshly picked and are arranged by our professional florist for maximum visual impact. Our flowers come in bunches, and can either all be the same if your special someone has a favourite or we can mix different coloured flowers to create a beautiful bouquet.

Our specialty flowers are gerberas and roses, and we offer a number of different pre-set arrangements for the different colours. Gerberas are essentially large, brightly coloured daisies, and are perfect for brightening up any room as a yellow bunch, or as a bunch of mixed orange and yellow.

We also deliver gerberas in more delicate pink and white colours, which are great for setting fun but more intimate occasions, or as a thankyou gift to a good friend. I always give Mum gerberas for special occasions.


same day flower delivery in sydney


Roses are of course the perfect flower for romantic occasions or as a gift to your significant other (or someone you hope will become your significant other!). We offer roses in pink, red and white, or in arranged sets of pink or red roses surrounding a single white (the red roses surrounding a white is my favourite). We can also customise your roses, if you have a different arrangement in mind.

Xoxo Roses caters to any occasion, mood and budget, whether you are giving the flowers as a gift or keeping them to brighten up your home (our roses are great for making up after a fight as well). Our flowers even come with flower food in the box, so that they last longer!

So if you’re in Sydney and need flowers delivered on the same day you order them, call 1300 407 321 for Xoxo Roses to bring you the perfect fresh flowers for any occasion.